Bark Flute Afidavit Record Group 75 Entry 236 Misc Claims Papers 111


State of Alabama } We, the undersigned, Charles Downing a Cherokee Indian, aged

Cherokee County } about thirty years, and of the County and State aforesaid, and Scraper, a native Cherokee, aged about sixty years, of the County & State aforesaid, do hereby certify, that we have been acquainted with Bark Flute, and his mother Susan Flute, ever since we were boys; That some time in November last, the said Susan Flute died; and that Bark Flute is the only heir that she has living, or that was living at the time of her death. Witness our hands this 22nd day of January 1838.


Charles Downing

Scraper X his mark


Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 22nd day of January 1838

John S. Cochran

of the County Court

of Cherokee County, Alabama





Transcribers Note: Some corrections made to punctuation & spelling for clarity.

Joe Scraper Jr April 2008