Nancy Sixkiller (heirs of) 1842 Goingsnake District Claim


The United States


To Cricket, Redbird, and Tail SixKiller; children and heirs of Nancy Sixkiller deceased. In 1813 or 14, two cows $24 50 head of hogs $200 224

Cherokee Nation

Going Snake District


Personally appeared before me David M. Foreman, Solicitor for this District: Sixkiller who being duly qualified saith In the year 1813 Nancy Six Killer, deceased, lived at Broom Town on Chatoogi. The U. States Troops going to the Creek War, camped in the vicinity and did much damage to the property of the neighbor hood. One night I heard the report of guns and in the morning went to the camp. I found the heads and hides of two cows belonging to Nancy Sixkiller. She had a large stock of fine hogs. I was well acquainted with her stock. The fifty charged in the claim of her heirs were killed by wagoners going and returning from the Creek War. The hogs were enticed by the droppings of corn from the wagons. We frequently drove them off the road but they would return. Black Fox, Drowning Bear, and myself kept an exact account of the hogs killed in this way belonging to Nancy Six Killer. The hogs killed were from one year old upwards, and very fat. Black Fox and Drowning Bear are dead, so that their testimony cannot be had.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of March 1842


David M. Foreman, Clerk Six Killer his X mark



1842 Going Snake District Claim # 7

Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr April 2008