Cricket Six Killer – Claim # 234
Georgia Archives - Burns & Waters Valuation Book B - Island Town Valuations #2
Island Town, Chatooga River


Dec 1836         Tallatoo or Crickett Six Killer’s son

Dwelling house 48 by 16 ft, hewn logs & joist, story

& half high, eight foot entry in center of house, neatly

lain up, puncheon floors, chimney in each room            120.00

Corn crib 12 by 8 ft, round logs                                         10.00

14 small peach trees at .50 cents each                                 7.00

1 field 13 acres at 8 dollars per acre                              104.00


George _ _ _ tt improvement near Walker Court House where his father’s family resided.  House 14 by 16 ft, hewn logs, old                         20.00

1 field 18 acres, old,





National Archives, Record Group 75, Entry 1125

National Archives Microfilm A17 - Decisions on Approved Spoliation Claims of the First Board of Cherokee Commissioners book 3, page 56

No. 1125 Claim of Cricket of Chatooga, Ga

Claimant duly sworn says that from six to fifteen years ago he had stolen from his possession by white men citizens of the U. States the following property to wit –
10 head of cattle worth $152.  2 head of horses worth $110.  and 25 head of hogs worth $96.
Black Fox and Six Killer witnesses duly sworn fully sustains claimant in the above statements, and further say that they saw said property in the possession of white men.
The Committee reduce and allow this claim for $257.  The Comm. approve the same  31st August 1838.




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 Joe Scraper Jr – April 2008