Cricket Sixkiller 1842 Goingsnake District Claim


The United States


         To Cricket Sixkiller late of Island Town Chatoogi, Cherokee Nation East.  Removed in Daniel Colston’s Detachment.  Now of Going Snake District.


To      116 head of hogs $348 – 1 sorrel mare & colt $40 – 1 grey horse $25         413.00

         1 bay mare $20 – 100 bushels corn $100 – 800 bundles fodder $24            144.00

         30 grown ducks $7.50 – 30 young ducks $3.75 – 3 pots $8                             19.25

         1 brass kettle $7 – 1 small pot $1 – 3 dishes $3 – 27 plates $ 4.75              15.75

         2 sets cups & saucers $ - 2 sets fire dogs $8 – 6 chairs $5                           14.00

         1 cupboard $5 – 1 table $3 – 3 bedsteads $10 – 2 shovel ploughs $4     22.00

         1 single tree 1.50 – 1 pr mens shoes 2.50 – 1 clavis .506t – 1pr hames 1.50        6.00

           1 collar $1 – 1 pair drawing chains $2 – six bee stands $18                        21.00

         1 acre of land –cleared $3 – 18 acres cleared up $18                                  21.00

         Rent of one house taken forcible possession of by Walker Thornton

and used by him three years                                                              30.00



Cherokee Nation Going Snake District

Personally appeared before me David M. Foreman, Solicitor for this District

Cricket Sixkiller who being duly qualified states:  I resided at Island Town on Chatoogi in 1838 where myself and family were captured by the troops of the United States under the command of General Scott.  The items of property in the foregoing schedule were left behind on my capture and I have never received any compensation for them or any part of them from the proceeds of the sales of the commissioners of Indian properties or from any other source.

The house for which I claim rent was the dwelling house of myself and family.  In the year 1835 Walker Thornton came there and entered while I was gone to my father’s one morning.  When I returned I found him with his family and furniture in the house.  He refused to give it up affirming that the place was his as drawee in the Georgia land lottery.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of March 1842


         David M. Foreman, Clerk                              Cricket Six Killer   his X mark


         Six Killer being duly qualified states that he lived about a mile from the above named Cricket Six Killer.  Was well acquainted with his stock and property.  The description of the principal items I know to be precisely correct.  The stock of hogs and all the smaller particulars were such as induce me to believe the foregoing account to be a correct statement of them.

         Sometime in 1838 was Cricket Six Killer was at my home; word was brought that a white man had taken possession of his house.  I went with him to the house and found said Walker Thornton with his family and furniture, and part of Cricket Six Killer’s moved out into the entry.  We had a long talk with him but failed to get him to give up the house.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of March 1842


         David M. Foreman, Clerk                               Six Killer   his X mark


1842 Going Snake District Claim # 6

Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr       April 2008