Deby Sixkiller 1842 Goingsnake District Claim


The United States Do:


To Debora Six Killer formerly Debora Whaley, removed to this country in Captain D. Colson’s Detachment, residing now in Going Snake District.


In 1838

2 Negro Boys named Elbert and Walter                                                        700.00

1 feather bed $12 – 1 spinning wheel $4 – 1 trunk with cloths $8                 24.00

1 pr cards - $1 – 1 set plates $1 – 1 set cups & saucers 50 cents               2.50


Cherokee Nation Going Snake District


Debora Six Killer formerly Debora Whaley, being duly qualified saith:  In 1838 I lived at my father’s, Island town, Chatoogee.  Was married to Cricket Sixkiller in August of the same year and removed with him to this country in Cap. Colson’s detachment.  My mother died about the year 1833 in Walton County, Georgia.  She had a Negro family, viz a man, woman, and ten children.  Before she died she gave to my brother Barnabas two Negro girls, Caroline & Polly; to my sister Lemorme a girl, Melinda, and a boy, Young; to myself the two boys above named;  to my sister Permelia, two boys, Jasper & Wesley; and two remained for my younger brother who was with my father.  The boys Elbert & Walter were in 1838 about 12 and 16 years old.  When I left my father’s I tried to bring the boys along but my father prevented them from coming and refused to let me have my bed, trunk, and other articles charged in the foregoing account.  I afterward employed John Beaver to get them but my father, assisted by Walker Thornton and Jackson Penn, prevented his getting them.  After we had started to this country my father wrote to me and my sister Permelia saying we should not have them and that he would sell everything off and move to the north.  Which we have since heard he has done.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of March 1842

David M. Foreman. Clerk                     Debora Six Killer   her X mark


Permelia Six Killer late Permelia Whaley, being duly qualified saith:  I am acquainted with all the facts stated in the foregoing affidavit made by my sister Debora and I know them to be true.


Sworn to & subscribed before me

March 8, 1842

David M. Foreman. Clerk                     Permelia Six Killer   her X mark




1842 Going Snake District Claim # 13

Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr       April 2008