Jinny Smith 1842 Goingsnake District Claim


The United States Do:

                To Jinny Smith late of Chattogee, C.N.

1836  1 cow & calf 15$ - 1 yearling 5$ -  1838  3 cows & calves 45$         65     

1 steer 12$ - 2 yearlings 10$                                                            22




        Claimant being qualified states that John Tooke a white man took the cow, calf, and yearling from me in 1836 saying he had bought them.  I never sold them to anyone.  The other cattle were abandoned when I was captured.

                                                                                     Jenny Smith  her X mark


         Qualecoo being sworn says:  I know a white man took claimants cow, calf, and yearling in 1836.  He refused to give them up.  The other cattle she abandoned.


Sworn to & subscribed before me                Qualecoo  her X mark

April 18th 1842

D. M. Foreman. Clerk                    




1842 Going Snake District Claim # 267

Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr       April 2008

This Jenny Smith could be the mother-in-law of Qualecoo, but could also be a daugher or sister-in-law of Qualecoo.