Little Archie Scraper – Claims No. 1233 & 1234 – 411 Book A, pg 109

National Archives, Record Group 75, Entry 232
National Archives Microfilm A17 - Decisions on Approved Spoliation Claims of the First Board of Cherokee Commissioners book 3


No. 1233  Claim of Archy Sow low eey alias Scraper of Chatooga Valley Georgia for $200.  Claimant being duly sworn says that about 6 years ago last spring he had taken from his possession by a white man citizen of the United States 13 head of cattle worth $200, and that he has never received any for said loss.


Smoke Smith & Pine-Trater being sworn fully confirm the foregoing statements of claimant, having seen the cattle charged for in the possession of a white man.


Reduced and allowed by the committee for $130, and approved by the commission for same amount on the 17th September 1838



No. 1234  Archy Scraper of Chatooga, Floyd County, Georgia, being duly sworn says that about four years ago he had taken from his possession by a white man a roan mare worth $100, and that in the summer of 1835 he was dispossessed of his farm by a white man by the name of James Price who likewise kept possession of 13 head of stock hogs worth $39 and further says that he has never recovered said property.

           James Sou we culler & Te as qua nal ler, sworn witnesses, fully confirm the statements of claimant.  They having seen Half Acre, a white man, carry off the mare, and the hogs in the possession of James Price—


The Committee reduce & allow this claim for $114.  Commissioners approve the same 17th September 1838           






Transcribers Note: Some corrections made to punctuation & spelling for clarity.

Little Arch Scraper married a Sewekiller (Five Killer).  The witness James Soowekuller is likely a close relative of Little Arch’s wife.  Through a grandson, Fields Scraper, and other progeny, many of Little Arch Scraper’s descendants reside today in southern Adair County, Okla (formerly Flint District, Cherokee Nation West).

 Joe Scraper Jr – April 2008