Louisa McIntosh alias Scraper Claim No. 1547


National Archives, Record Group 75, Entry 232
National Archives Microfilm A17 - Decisions on Approved Spoliation Claims of the First Board of Cherokee Commissioners mfr 504 vol 3, pg 266 (9 book E)



No. 1547 Claim of Louisa McIntosh alias Scraper for $300. Claimant swears, that in the year 1833, Simmons a white man & citizen of the United States stole from her possession a stud horse, a sorrel mare, & a bay horse, all of which were worth $300.

And that she has never received any compensation for the loss thereof---

Eli Smith a duly sworn witness says that the statements of claimant are true, he having seen the horses in the possession of said Simmons.

The committee reduce and allow this claim for $200. Approved by the commissioners for the same amount. November 7th 1838






Transcribers Note: Some corrections made to punctuation & spelling for clarity.

Louisa McIntosh daughter of Martin & Jennie McIntosh, married George Washington Scraper in February 1834, at Wills Valley, Cherokee Nation East.

Joe Scraper Jr May 2008