Frank J. Still, Field Worker


††† Mrs. Pearl Baggette lives at 530 Summit St. Tahlequah, Okla.She was born September 15th 1868 near Westville, Oklahoma.She is a Cherokee Indian.

††† Father: Leonidas Holt.Mother: Mary Sixkiller Holt.

Her grandfather came to Oklahoma before 1838 from Tennessee.His name was Redbird Sixkiller.Her grandfather eloped with my grandmother.He and his brother ran away with two sisters.They were married on the way out.Her uncle, Sam Sixkiller, was sheriff when Peter Thompson was killed in Tahlequah, Okla.




††† My husband, Tom Baggette, taught school at Caney in 1894.We bought out Bryan Radensí store at Salina.

††† During court session, a lot of men got drunk and were about to cause trouble.My husband went upstairs and looked out of the window and someone shot him.He fell dead in my motherís arms.We never knew until four years ago who killed him.A man on his death bed confessed.He was Andy Sunday, a respected citizen of this place.His father, Jess Sunday, who was sheriff, and Dave Ridge were killed the same night.I went down to open the door the next morning and the body of Dave Ridge had been carried and laid in my door.The hogs had eaten on his hands.I heard them in the night but did not know there was a dead body down there.

††† The Wycliff boys used to trade with us at this place.They were always nice mannered while there.

††† About three miles from Wauhilla, Oklahoma is where Ned Christie was killed.They got a cannon from Coffeyville, Kansas and surrounded him.They shot the side and end of his home away before he came out.I heard the cannon roar from where I lived.