The Scraper – 1842 Claim against the United States


The United States:

No. 30        To Scraper late of Chatooga District Cherokee Nation East and now resides at Rabbit Trap, Going Snake District.  Came in Rich Taylor’s Detachment in 1838.

Two notes written in the left margin state: “1813 to 1838” and “Abandoned Property”

To  4 cows at $60, 3 yearlings at $12                                       $72

     1 bay horse at $100, 1 bay horse at $200, 1 brown horse at $100      $400

     7 head hogs barrows at $35, cash loaned to white man $30            $65

     1 negro boy at $600, 2 oxen at $50, 13 cows & calves at $260         $910

    15 head of cattle at $86, 2 road waggons at $200                       $286

     2 setts smith tools at $150, 200 bushels corn at $250                   $400

    85 acres of growing at $850, 2 acres sweet potatoes planted at $60     $910

     1 acre  Irish potatoes at $30, 3 acres growing cotton at $108           $138

     ½ acre garden vegetables at $15, 6 acres land not valued at $48           $63

     1 hewed log house at $125, 1 smoke house at $25                     $150

     1 smith shophouse at $25, 1 gray horse at $100, 1 brown horse $80   $205

     1 colt at $30, 35 head stock hogs at $135                              $165

     9 casting pots at $26, 3 pairs Ana irons at $9, 4 mattocks at $6         $41

     2 axes at $4, 1 lock chain at $2, 1 broad axe at $2                         $8

     2 adzs at $2.50, plates dishes set at $8, 1 reel at .50                    $11

     5 bed steads at $10, 1 table at $2, 2 dressers at $3                     $15

     2 large troughs at $2, 4 reap hooks at $4, 1 loom at $10               $16

                                                                         carried over                  $3855


To amount brought over (from previous page)


     3 spinning wheels at $6, 1 weavers _ _ _ _ ing _ _ _ at $1             $7

     6 chains at $6, 1 square at .50, wagon irons at $5                         $11.50

     7 ploughs & gearings at $ 21, 9 weeding hoes at $ 3.50                $24.50



     4 rifle guns at $90                                                      $90



Cherokee Nation, Going Snake District}

Scraper being duly sworn states that in 1813 or 14:  I lived on Chatooga River near Fort Armstrong, and the cattle charged in my account was killed by the United States Troops in time of the Creek War.  I was at the Fort one evening and I saw the troops bring in some of my cattle which they had killed and I knew them to be mine by the ear mark.  And the horses as charged dated 1836 was all stolen at one time.  And the next morning after I missed my horses, I hunted for them all about in the range and I found where they had been taken along.  I then followed on after them as far as the Coosa River and saw where they had crossed the river and I afterwards heard that it was Philpot that had taken my horses.  Philpot was a noted horse thief and a citizen of the United States.  The $30 cash charged in my account, I loaned it to a whiteman citizen of the United States by the name of Cellers, which he never returned.  And three large barrows I sold to Robert Ware a citizen of the U. S. and he refused to pay me for them, knowing that I could not make him pay for by law, as an Indian was not allowed his oath against a white man.  And the other four large barrows was killed by the white people citizens of the U. S., as some of the hogs were seen after they were killed at a white man’s house.  And the negro boy was taken from me by a company of armed men who came and took him forcibly from the field where he was at work.  And one of the oxen charged I loaned to a white man citizen U.S. for eight days only.  And he never return the ox again but used him in his team and went a trip about eighty miles and the ox died before he returned.  And I never got my ox or any pay for him.  And the houses I have charge was built after the valuations had taken place and all other particulars charged in my account I was forced to abandon them in 1838 by the authorities of the United States and I have never received any consideration for any part whatsoever.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th March 1842         Scraper  (his mark)

David M. Foreman, Clerk


Cherokee Nation, Going Snake District} 

Jay Bird being duly sworn states that he is well acquainted with Scraper, and knows that the troops did kill Scraper’s cattle in 1813 or 14 when they were stationed at Fort Armstrong.  He further states that the troops were in the habit of killing both hogs and cattle belonging to the Cherokee.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15 March 1842          Jay Bird  (his mark)

David M. Foreman, Clerk


Homany Smith being duly sworn states that he is well acquainted with Scraper, and I know that in the year 1837 he loaned an ox to a white man citizen of the U.S. for 8 days only. And I know that the white man did not return the ox agreeable to his promise, but kept the ox and worked him until he died.  And I know that Scraper has never been paid for his ox and I also know that Scraper did loose 4 head of horses about the year 1826 or 27 and I believe that a white man by the name of Philpot, a citizen of the U.S., stole the horses.  And further state that I know that Scraper had a negro boy taken from him by a company of armed white men, all citizens of the United States.  And they took the negro without any just cause whatsoever and Scraper was forced to abandon the balance of his property as charged in his account, by the authorities of the United States in 1838, and he has never received any thing for any part thereof to my knowledge

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15 March 1842  Homaney Smith (his mark)

David M. Foreman, Clerk


George Scraper being duly sworn states he was present – when my Father and Young Cellers made a settlement concerning some money which my father had loaned Cellers.  There was a balance of thirty dollars due my father which Cellers promised to pay in 30 days, but my father was taken by the troops in 1838 before Cellers paid him.  And has never been paid yet.  I also know that a company of armed white men citizens of the U.S. came took my father’s negro boy out of his field where the boy and myself was at work, and took him off by force without any plea whatever, for my father did not owe them anything.  I also know that my father let Robert Ware have hogs and Ware would not pay for 3 of the hogs.  All the balance of the property which my father has charged, he was forced to abandoned in 1838 by the authorities of the U.S. and he has never received anything for the same to my knowledge.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15 March 1842              George Scraper

David M. Foreman, Clerk


1842 Going Snake District Claim # 30      Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr   April 2008